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We're not all young, we're not all guys, but at some point the name worked.

The Young-Guys Email List Livejournal Community!
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We're not all young, and we're not all guys, but at one point in time the name did work.

Young-guys is and was an email list born from the Antijen list. At the time, there weren't a lot of FTMs on Antijen, and we yearned for a place to call our own. Yearned, I tell you.

So two FTMs started the list Young-Guys. Woohooo! We rejoiced, or something.

I'm leaving this community open for anyone to join, for now. I'd prefer that only y-g members past and present join, and no one else. We can discuss further if anyone would like this to change.

Here's a couple rules/notes:

1. Young-Guys is NOT a hookup list, and this community is not a hookup community. That is to say, if you think "young-guys" means "young men who are looking for anonymous sex through this venue" you are incorrect. While some of us do in fact hook up with each other, this is a discussion/support list for FTMs who are young, just coming out, starting their transition, exploring possibilities, or have just been on the list since the early days and want to keep up with others' livejournals.

2. Discussions about "adult" things should follow LJ's policies, since we do have a few folks on the list who may not be legally allowed to read "adult" content. I don't screen for age on the list, though I prefer everyone be over 13 at the very least. This has worked out okay for the list, and I expect people to abide by their local/regional laws regarding what they can and cannot legally view on the internet.

3. Let's try and not flame. If we must, be prepared to be flamed back, and be prepared for me to shut the thread down if I feel it's out of hand. You're all listmembers (or were) so you know how often I shut down threads. ;)

4. Do your best to respect privacy and what not. Thanks!

More as needed, if needed.

If anyone can remember the date of the first post, let me know and that will be the birthdate. I may even have the year wrong, my memory fades easily these days.

(Papa)Shahn, listpapa young-guys